Can We All Just Get Along?

  • Germline gene therapy is when DNA is transferred into the cells responsible for reproduction, eggs and sperm, in the body. This type of therapy allows for the correction of disease-causing gene variants that are certain to be passed down from generation to generation. However, for many, this is where they feel the benefits of gene therapy stop.
  • Somatic gene therapy is when DNA is transferred into body tissues. It specifically targets cells in the body which are not passed on to the person’s children. As a consequence, it doesn’t raise the same ethical issues as germline gene therapy.
  1. the risks can be better assessed and
  2. there is “broad societal consensus” about the appropriateness” of any proposed change.
  1. the brain,
  2. heart,
  3. kidneys,
  4. liver,
  5. lungs
  • “a cop-out: a betrayal of the intellect, a betrayal of all that’s best about what makes us human, a phony substitute for an explanation, which seems to answer the question until you examine it and realize that it does no such thing.
  • Religion in science is not just redundant and irrelevant, its an active and pernicious charlatan. It peddles false explanations, or at least pseudo-explanations, where real explanations could have been offered, and will be offered. Pseudo-explanations that get in the way of the enterprise of discovering real explanations.
  • As the centuries go by religion has less and less room to exist and perform its obscurantist interference with the search for truth.
  • In the 21st century its high time, finally, to send it packing”.
  • Religious must understand science, and the search for truth that drives it, so they can find their margins
  • Scientists must understand religion, and the human emotions that drive it, so they can find their margins




Husband for 49 years. Dad forever! Very lucky man.

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william smith

william smith

Husband for 49 years. Dad forever! Very lucky man.

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