Dr. He, Theatrics or Therapy?

  1. He not only “operated” on germline cells which can be inherited by future generations without complete understanding of the implications for those generations
  2. Also he didn’t “repair a damaged gene”! Rather he cut-out a naturally-working gene ( CCR5 gene), all-be-it one that can lead to AIDS — acquired immune deficiency syndrome

“Most diseases play out in the body’s somatic cells, not in “germline” cells from which genetic information is passed on to subsequent generations. Gene editing-based treatments in somatic cells for life-threatening illnesses is an area of tremendous medical need, and is not subject to the same ethical concerns as genetic manipulation of human embryos.” —

“The effects of CRISPR were thought to be unpredictable and seemingly random, but by analysing hundreds of edits we were shocked to find that there are actually simple, predictable patterns behind it all. This will fundamentally change the way we use CRISPR, allowing us to study gene function with greater precision and significantly accelerating our science.” — Paola Scaffidi, Cancer Epigenetics Laboratory



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