Fossil Fuel “Externalities” Creating a deadly free ride“

  1. It Costs more to make more of something than to make less of something. Both social (i.e. externalities) and private costs increase ( i.e. the blue lines slope up to the right) as quantity (Q) produced and consumed increases.
  1. At top of stratosphere, 30 miles high, ozone absorbs most of the harmful ultraviolet radiation from the Sun
  1. Who will Help the Children ? ( )
  2. Dystopian World Indeed! ( )
  3. Curing Atmospheric Cancer ( )
  4. We need Holy Men to get us into Heaven but we Need Astrophysicists to Keep us out of hell ( )
  5. Parker Solar Probe ( )
  6. On Georgia Barrier Islands ( )
  7. Longing for days when a Cotton Field felt comfortable ( )
  8. U.S. must rejoin Paris Climate Agreement ( )
  9. This is It ( )
  10. Our Future ( )
  11. The Face of climate change ( )
  12. Avoid Chaos ( )
  13. Misinformation ( )
  14. Trump’s Bad Business Practices are Shortening Life Expectancies, even those of his friends ( )




Husband for 49 years. Dad forever! Very lucky man.

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william smith

william smith

Husband for 49 years. Dad forever! Very lucky man.

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