Not Fleeing From Irma, Fleeing to Each Other

  • Cognition — The large brain of humans has been helped along over centuries because humans mastered fire and cooking food. In turn cooked food helped provide energy required by large brains. In addition, but somewhat ironically during a hurricane, living along coastlines provided humans a diet of shellfish, which afforded strong nutritional benefits for the brain.
  • Culture — The oversized brain of humans led to culture, a product of thinking and social learning facilitated by language, creativity and innovation. The passing on of knowledge from generation to generation is metaphorically referred to as a cultural “ratchet effect,” which creates greater complexity of culture over time.
  • Cooperation — With a culture humans pursued shared goals and had much to gain through cooperation . Cooperation also caused humans to develop an understanding of others’ beliefs, exhibiting a “theory of mind,” which further inspired cooperation




Husband for 49 years. Dad forever! Very lucky man.

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william smith

william smith

Husband for 49 years. Dad forever! Very lucky man.

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