The Pigs got lose & they’re ravaging the garden

I couldn’t watch CNN’s Anderson Cooper last night. All he was discussing was the Republican candidate for the Senate from Alabama, Roy Moore assaulting teenage girls while he was a 30 year old assistant district attorney. ( ). Many don’t understand how hurtful stories like that are to citizens of my generation. Disgustingly, I have to include Donald Trump as a member of my generation along with our embarrassment for his Access Hollywood/Billy Bush bus ride video.

As a young baby-boomer I always had an adoring view of our USA. Hideki Tojo was the leader of imperial japan when my father and his band of brothers fought their way from the jungles of New Guinea all the way to Tokyo. My mother told me “the “joke”, which was, when my father finally got home his buddies said he was the American who gave blood to Tojo when Tojo attempted suicide while on the same U.S. ship on which my father was a corpsman. My father always denied it but I never doubted the story because that’s what we were taught an “American” would and should do, protect and save human life, period.

My adoration for the USA only grew as I spent most of my adult life working outside of the US. Before Atlanta built its new “International” terminal, Terminal E was the one from which we departed from the US and arrived home to the US. After passing US Immigration & Customs the “down” escalator in Terminal E, to the airport tram, had a sign above it that read “Welcome to the USA

Other than our children being born and my wife saying she’d marry me, I don’t know of a more exhilarating moment in my life than seeing that sign “Welcome to the USA” after being outside of the USA for an extended period of time.

For many years I spent weeks, working in countries where we had armed guards escort us to meals. We often watched malnourished children beg for alms as we walked into anachronistic, colonial-era restaurants for an otherwise nice meal. None of those aspects of my work was good. In fact they were painful but we plowed through because mostly our work made the lives of the people in the countries in which we worked better. Sadly, I cannot say that for the work going on today in my own USA.

In these times of Donald Trump I feel like I’ve traveled back to the under-developed countries in which I used to work, even though I’m living and working in central Georgia. Of course our living standards are nothing like those I experienced in underdeveloped countries but the despair has become as bad and it’s getting worse.

We now have a President who is so morally bankrupt he can’t even comment on the behavior of a candidate for the Senate from his own party because of his own sexual aggression, which he described in his own braggadocio way on “Access Hollywood”, while being interviewed by Billy Bush.

We’ve reached the point where the Twitter hashtag, #MeToo, has spread virally as a simple two word denunciation of what appears to be widespread sexual assault and harassment. Sexual misconduct seems to have grown like a hocky-stick graph. It’s like the pigs have broken out of their pen and are ravaging the garden.

I know this sounds naive but I really don’t understand what happened to the time when men were supposed to treat women as if they were a daughter, wife or mother? Now it seems like it’s ok to see women as “throw-away” objects to be used for whatever momentary pleasure comes into to a man’s mind of lack of one. At the same time we have a President that essentially advocated that type of behavior. I guess guys think it must be ok if the president says it’s ok. Well it’s not ok! It’s piggish and guys who behave like trump are pigs!

I refuse to say “guys who behave like the President are pigs because I refuse to believe anyone who behaves “piggishly” is really President of the United States.

For someone, like me, who holds the USA so dearly, that thought is the essence of cognitive dissonance. Donald Trump and his piggish courtiers are a contradiction to all my beliefs, ideals, and values about America. I couldn’t watch Anderson Cooper but I certainly could watch Trevor Noah, you should too!

Originally published at on November 16, 2017.

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