“The tool which gives man his power”

“The power that man has over nature and himself, and that a dog lacks, lies in his command of his imaginary experience. The symbol is the tool which gives man his power, and it is the same tool whether the symbols are images of words, mathematical signs or mesons.” — Jacob Bronowski

“however vast our creative powers, the mental process is the product of a brain shaped by the hammer of natural selection upon the anvil of nature”…

his comments might lead a reader to think “the mental processes” of homo sapiens are no different than those of other creatures “shaped by the hammer of natural selection upon the anvil of nature” but they are different! The brain/mind of Homo Sapiens, while it has indeed evolved over a quarter of a million years or more, has done so quite differently from a brain of other creatures that also developed through an evolutionary process.

“Our species is misnamed. Though sapiens defines human beings as “wise”, what humans ended-up being able to do especially well after our evolutionary journey is ‘prospect’ the future.”

Dr. Seligman refers to us not as Homo Sapiens but rather as Homo Prospectus. According to him it’s our abilities to “anticipate and evaluate” future possibilities for guidance of thought and action that is the cornerstone of human success.”

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