Where Have you Gone Henry Kissinger?

  • He is credited with Paris peace award in 1973 ending American’s Vietnam war.
  • He is one who paved the way for president Nixon to visit the People’s Republic of China and open, until then, frozen, diplomatic relations.
  • He is the recipient of Nobel peace award.
  • He engineered an era of détente with the Soviet Union,
  • The term shuttle diplomacy was created because of him when his tireless travel among the capitals of Israel, Egypt, and Syria after the 1973 Middle East war was an all-out effort to restore peace in the ravaged middle east.
  • Egyptian politicians called him “the magician” for his disengagement agreements separating Israeli and Arab armies.
  1. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/03/is-trumps-chaos-a-move-from-the-kremlins-playbook
  2. “The Silent Superstar”. The New York Times.




Husband for 49 years. Dad forever! Very lucky man.

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william smith

william smith

Husband for 49 years. Dad forever! Very lucky man.

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